The Deutsche Nationalstiftung

A registered charity foundation located in Weimar, was founded in August 1993 by former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, Michael Otto und several of their friends including ermann Josef Abs, Gerd Bucerius and Kurt A. Körber. Later on, Hans and Irma Vogt as donators of the foundation contributed considerably to the foundation’s assets.

The foundation aims to

1. promote the political culture of Germany within the European Union through work and publications on the connections between science, art and literature, law politics, and economics,

2. illuminate and demonstrate a common German identity that survived 40 years of separation,

3. provide a forum for discussion and comment on the pressing questions facing Germany today and in the future.

Fundamental Principles:

Owing to its history and geographical location, Germany is face with a double task. During the years of division, the people living in the two German states experienced different developments with regard to their political and legal systems, and their political culture in general. The foundation aims to contribute to the restoration of Germany’s moral, legal, economic and social unity. At the same time, the foundation wishes to help determine and define Germany’s position and responsibilities within a united Europe in a state of peace.


Every early summer, the Deutsche Nationalstiftung awards the National Prize. The prize is intended to honor persons or institutions that have rendered great service in any of the following three areas:

  • the reunification of Germany,
  • the promotion of greater solidarity between Germany and Europe, and
  • the cause of Europe in general.

Held every autumn, the Annual Conference offers a forum for the discussion of problems and issues requiring public debate above political frontiers. The foundation supports projects for young people.

Recently, it has instigated two projects which open up the opportunity to gain direct experience with the topics and subjects of the Deutsche Nationalstiftung, the »Schul-Brücke Weimar« and the »Jugendbauhütte Mühlhausen«.