The SchoolBridges for the Future of Europe (German: SchulBrücken für die Zukunft Europas) are our European youth exchange. What is special about the project is that it takes place in German. 


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International encounters 

Several times a year, the German National Foundation offers almost 50 students in the upper grades, aged between 16 and 19, from many European countries and always also from France, Poland and Germany the opportunity to learn together for seven days. The idea behind this is that national identity and its future cannot be defined without Europe. The commonalities of European nations can only be discovered through comparison and direct encounter – this must begin at school. The pupils understand Europe and its history better, discuss its future, meet each other, develop understanding for each other, work together on difficult tasks, make friends in the process and often stay in contact for a long time beyond the bridge. 

Asking questions about the future of Europe 

In view of the current political situation, which is characterised throughout Europe by the advance of right-wing extremism and racism, the debates on climate change and the Corona and financial crisis, the question of shaping the future of Europe is becoming increasingly urgent. Fears of the future are spreading and being stirred up, the here and now is being questioned and there is often talk of orientation crises. With „Fridays for Future“, young people all over Europe have made the question of their future a central issue and the Youth Council of the Generation Foundation is initiating an international debate on „saving our future„.

Creative thinking outside the box 

The SchoolBridges for the Future of Europe creates a space for an open, above all theoretically and historically grounded debate on questions about the future. Participants are empowered through scientifically sound information, methodological tools and a philosophically holistic approach to develop competencies to address the questions of the future, beyond fears, at a high theoretical level. Ultimately, the seminar aims to provide young people with theoretical tools, to encourage them to think creatively and imaginatively outside the box and, above all, to give them the courage to play an effective role in shaping Europe’s future. 

Conditions of participation 

We work together with a number of schools and are looking forward to hearing from other interested parties. If you and your students are interested in participating, please contact us directly. 

SchoolBridges Alumni Association 

An alumni association has been founded from the European network, which now consists of over 3,800 young adults. The association brings together young committed people from all over Europe to engage in social projects and seminars in the areas of exchange & culture, extracurricular education and civil commitment.